Sleeping in the dark

I just love this cartoon by Mark Tatuli and it turns out that there are some really good reasons to sleep in the dark.

Current Archaeology?

Since archaeology is defined as a ‘study of human activity in the past’ isn’t this an oxymoron?! (And doesn’t the word ‘oxymoron’ sound like a spot cream?)

Doggone Advent Calendar!

My dog ate my advent calendar, even whilst wearing the cone of shame! He looks very pleased with himself. Grrr. Of course, chocolate can be bad for dogs because it contains theobromine (a stimulant in the same family as caffeine).  If a dog has too much theobromine for its body weight then it won’t be able to…

Finding happiness

Does this mean that the more chips I eat the happier I will become?!

Aardvark supremacy

A friend sent me this on a card and it was too funny not to share 😀


Not sure I can make pizza the same way again now!

A new type of cat

      Some people need to learn more about nature! Maybe it’s time for me to find some cool badger facts 🙂