Rollercoaster fun with physics 

For Christmas I received a Quercetti marble run. It’s no ordinary marble run. Instead it bills itself as an educational toy for exploring physics as different sizes and weights of marbles roll at different velocities round the track. You can even set up a loop the loop – but that seemed a bit adventurous for my first attempt. I still think it looks pretty cool though 😀

The instructions aren’t exactly detailed but you can soon get the hang of how the pieces slot together and how to structure it so it doesn’t fall over! The plastic is light so it can be quite wobbly. Overall though, I spent about two hours playing with it and I could have played longer. Looking forward to trying out new designs and some glass marbles. I’ll report back when I’ve made more progress.


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  1. Heather says:

    Oh wow. What a fabulous construction!!! I can see what you mean about wanting to play for even longer. I bet you could spend all day experimenting with various shapes and angles. Brilliant.

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