Liquid nitrogen and ping pong

So, I haven’t posted for a very long time and that’s a shame, but here is something to make a bang!

If you pour liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle it will start to turn into a gas because it heats up in room temperature. This looks pretty cool as it is – like a very heavy white smoke. If you then screw on the cap of the bottle really tightly, you create a sealed container so the gas has nowhere to go and the pressure builds up until … BANG … the bottle can’t take the pressure and explodes. Pretty cool (and quite a bit dangerous).

The guys in the video below decided to add warm water outside the bottle to speed up the reaction and then pour in 1500 ping pong balls – just for fun. The outcome is really impressive. Watch out for the way the container jumps in the air!

If you want to listen to the full explanation watch the whole video, but if you are happy with mine you can start playing at 3.25.

I hope you like it 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. Benjamin says:

    That is soooo cool Alfie, thanks for sharing. Love the way it lifts up the dustbin as well exploding!

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