Have you got happy goats?

As I think I’ve said before, goats are pretty awesome. But did you know that there is a way to tell if your goats are happy?


These are my friend’s goats – they are very smart and have amazing long ears that give them real character. However, scientists have conducted a study that shows that the way a goat points its ears can indicate its mood.  If the ears are tipped forward then they are happy! Also, if their bleat is on a single note and not wobbly that shows they are happy too. These goats are VERY happy, believe me!

Goats are also really clever. They can escape fencing when they decide the grass is greener and they have good long term memory: scientists have found that a mother goat can remember the cries of her kids up to a year after they have been separated. (Or maybe the kids were just really annoying!)

So, all in all, another great set of evidence for goat companions!

Read the original article here.


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