No kidding!

If you don’t know what to do with your Christmas tree, there are some goats who would be glad of it…


A volunteer firefighter in Nevada uses his herd of ‘Goat Grazers’ to help clear unwanted plants from areas that are prone to forest fires and now he has found that the goats will eat Christmas trees too!  After doing the necessary research to check that the pine needles are safe for the goats to eat, he is now using his 40 goats to help recycle the trees.  This is good for the goats and good for the environment because the trees won’t decompose if they are thrown out in the desert (like there owners might think) and they can become a fire hazard.  This farmer is a safety-conscious guy 🙂

It also turns out that Christmas trees are good for goats – although they can be dangerous for cattle and other animals to eat because they can cause miscarriages.  The pine needles are high in Vitamin C and also are a natural dewormer, which is bound to make the goats happy.  They certainly don’t leave much of the tree behind …


I think goats are pretty awesome.  More on goats coming up 🙂

You can check out the original article here.


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