Why do koalas hug trees?


I guess I always thought that koalas held onto trees in that cute way so that they didn’t fall out.  I mean, how else would they stay in the tree, right?  Anyway, it turns out that it’s more than that – science to the rescue again!

Scientists monitored the thermal patterns of koalas and found that when it got hot, the koala would move lower down the tree and closer to the trunk and hug it to keep cool.  How clever is that?!  So they wedge themselves into the tree to feel more comfortable, not to stop themselves falling out – although that must be a handy addition.  No one wants a koala dropping on their head!

Check out Mental Floss to find out 9 more facts you might not have known about koalas (like the fact that baby koalas eat their mum’s poop – eew)



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