Magical Mercury (II) thiocyanate 

Mercury (II) thiocyanate is a white powder that creates a twisting solid (or serpent) when ignited. It is an inorganic compound so has been created with complex mercury ions that bond with the thiocyanate ions (sulphur, carbon and nitrogen). Carbon and nitrogen bond together to make cyanide, and any Mercury compound is toxic, so it’s…

Rollercoaster fun with physics 

For Christmas I received a Quercetti marble run. It’s no ordinary marble run. Instead it bills itself as an educational toy for exploring physics as different sizes and weights of marbles roll at different velocities round the track. You can even set up a loop the loop – but that seemed a bit adventurous for…

Liquid nitrogen and ping pong

So, I haven’t posted for a very long time and that’s a shame, but here is something to make a bang! If you pour liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle it will start to turn into a gas because it heats up in room temperature. This looks pretty cool as it is – like a…

Have you got happy goats?

As I think I’ve said before, goats are pretty awesome. But did you know that there is a way to tell if your goats are happy?

Leopard slugs have it going on!

I saw this on a BBC documentary recently and had to share it! Leopard slugs are hermaphrodites so they can reproduce on their own, but when they find another slug who fancies some ‘fun time’ it all gets far more interesting. Their penis comes out from a hole behind their head and then … Well…

Mind Music

Listening to music is good for us – it can make us feel all sorts of emotions and is a good way to share stories and feelings – but, I just found out, MAKING music is even better!  People who play a musical instrument use more of their brain, and all the parts are active…

Emoticons :)

QUICK FACT – Emoticons were first used in 1881! :O Here’s the proof from Brainpickings:

Sleeping in the dark

I just love this cartoon by Mark Tatuli and it turns out that there are some really good reasons to sleep in the dark.

Current Archaeology?

Since archaeology is defined as a ‘study of human activity in the past’ isn’t this an oxymoron?! (And doesn’t the word ‘oxymoron’ sound like a spot cream?)